Life on the Scrap Heap by Peter Marlow, 1985

Peter Marlow was sent by the Sunday Times Magazine to cover Liverpool in the wake of the riots there, when he came across people scavenging through a municipal rubbish tip looking for items to sell so that they could feed their families.

The Siege of Derry by Don McCullin, 1971

On the Sunday before Christmas 1971, in an edition filled with advertisements for Xmas gifts, the Sunday Times magazine published as its lead story a portfolio of 12 photographs about the escalating conflict in Northern Ireland.

Harlem by Bruce Davidson, 1968

When Bruce Davidson arrived to East 100th Street Harlem with his camera in 1966 and said that he wanted to record life on the block, the local citizens’ committee was apprehensive.

The Hmongs, 2003

In 2003 Andrew Perrin and Philip Blenkinsop trekked into the mountainous jungles of Laos to trek down an insurgent group that had been waging war since 1975.

Dunkirk Evacuation by Hugo Jaeger, 1940

From 1936 until the end of the WWII, Hugo Jaeger worked as a personal photographer for Adolf Hitler and took color photos. Here are his photos from Dunkirk.