Harlem by Bruce Davidson, 1968

When Bruce Davidson arrived to East 100th Street Harlem with his camera in 1966 and said that he wanted to record life on the block, the local citizens’ committee was apprehensive.

The Block by Herb Goro, 1970

In 1968/9, Herb Goro, a social worker and photojournalist, lived in a decaying neighborhood in the East Bronx for over a year to record stories of desperation of its residents.

Defiling the Children, 1993

In June 21, 1993 issue of Time, the magazine published a cover story on the rise of prostitution around the world. Questions were being asked about the authenticity of some photographs in Moscow.

Siddhartha by Will McBride, 1969

When Twen serialized Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse’s novel of a man’s search for enlightenment, photographer Will McBride was asked to come up with the photos to accompany the serialization.

‘How America Lives’ by Ladies Home Journal

“How America Lives” series (HAL) reported on ‘typical’ families in detail: from how it raised its children, participated in community activities, and voted in elections to how it budgeted its money, made ends meet, and coped with crises such as illness and financial troubles. It hired established photographers to spend up to one week living with a family, collecting intimate snapshots.