Revolt of Arab Refugees, 1969

In 1969 issue, Look magazine profiled Fatah and PLO, earlier incarnations of the Palestinian movement. Reporter Christopher Wren and photographer Tom Koeniges spent time with various guerrilla groups in the West Bank.

The War in Biafra

Eventually Federal Nigeria found an effective way to quell the rebellious Igbos, by inducing famine conditions inside Biafra. The Nigerian Army began sea and land blockade of Biafra, cutting off food supplies.

Vallejo Protests by Ojo Magazine, 1958

In June 1958, the union of railroad workers in Mexico went on strike, marking the beginning of a labor dispute that would paralyse Mexico for next two years. Hector Garcia had to launch his own magazine to cover them.

X = the French Power Elite, 1964

In 1964, Esquire magazine sent Anthony Sampson to profile École Polytechnique (also known as l’X or the X). Sampson was the appropriate choice to chronicle the school which produced the ruling class of France.

Hungarian Uprising by Paris-Match, 1956

The iconic 1956 Paris Match photo of a young, armed couple during the Hungarian Uprising was attributed to late photographer Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini for extra publicity. Russ Melcher, the photo’s real author, revealed himself decades later.

RFK Assassination by Boris Yaro, 1968

Boris Yaro of the Los Angeles Times made one of the most famous photographs in American political history – that of shot RFK cradled in the arms of a hotel busboy who had been shaking the candidate’s hand when he went down.