Hungarian Uprising by Paris-Match, 1956

The iconic 1956 Paris Match photo of a young, armed couple during the Hungarian Uprising was attributed to late photographer Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini for extra publicity. Russ Melcher, the photo’s real author, revealed himself decades later.

Khe Sanh by Robert Ellison, 1968

Khe Sanh, 1968. For war critics and news correspondents, it was a miniature microcosm for the War in Vietnam itself: 6,000 US Marines forced to defend an isolated untenable location that the top brass believed to be indispensable, only to abandon it after hundreds of Americans were sacrificed in its defense. A young photographer took these harrowing images of the battle and he didn’t live to see them published.

Hu Jintao is Removed

Kremlinology, they used to call it. Analysis of an opaque obscurantist state, using indirect clues: […]

Che Guevara is dead, 1967

After his execution in Bolivia, Che’s body was then lashed to the landing skids of a helicopter and flown to nearby Vallegrande and put on display for several photographers in a laundry room.