Borneo, 2001

The tribal war between Madurese and the Dayak began in late 1996, when over 300 people died in ethnic violence in West Kalimantan which lasted for six weeks.

East Timor, 1999

Four days before East Timor was to vote for independence, violence erupted between pro-independence supporters and the Aitarak, a much-feared, black-clothed militia sponsored by the Indonesian government to disrupt the vote.

Deathrow in China, 2003

A rare glimpse behind the deathrow and how women prisoners accused of drug trafficking spent their last days in a Chinese prison

Chernobyl by Robert Gale, 1986

Dr. Robert Gale, a bone-marrow transplant expert from Bel Air became one of the first Westerners to witness the nuclear diaster at Chernobyl and a tool for the Soviet misinformation campaign.

1970 | Ca Mau, Vietnam

The war in Vietnam as seen through the lens of Viet Cong guerrilla fighters who documented the front line of the resistence.

1948 | Oppenheimer

Robert Oppenheimer, “one of the most famous men in the world, one of the most admired, quoted, photographed, consulted, glorified, well-nigh deified as the fabulous and fascinating archetype.”

1976 | Thammasat, Bangkok

Thailand always has an undercurrent of political turmoil; the country has always been run by a tight knitted group of bureaucrats, princes, generals, and businessmen, who were reactionary against any slight challenge to their power.