Deep Sorrow, 1968

Sleet’s photo of Bernice King tearfully clasping her mother inside the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where her father had been the pastor for the last eight years won a Pulitzer Prize, making Sleet the first African American journalist to win that award.

Morning Mist, Franklin River

Peter Dombrovskis’s photos become central to save a section of the Franklin River which would be submerged by a proposed dam with environmental groups took out full-page color advertisements before a crucial election.

1956 | Cyprus

Sometimes a photo is famous, not just because of the contents of the photo, but […]

Tunisia | Dominique Berretty

After the defeat at Diên Biên Phu, France’s attention turned to its African colonies, whose soldiers […]

Pinatubo Erupts, 1991

Pinatubo explosion was the second largest volcano explosion of the 20th century. The photo was taken by Alberto Garcia from about 20-30 km away from the caldera was iconic.