Mussolini’s Demise

During the last days of the Second World War in Italy, Benito Mussolini attempted to escape the advancing Allied Army by hiding in a German convoy headed toward the Alps. Partisans stopped and searched the convoy at a small village on Lake Como; in the back of a truck, they found a private suspiciously wearing a general’s pants under his overcoat. It was, of course, Mussolini.

The partisans took him prisoner and he was later joined by his mistress, Clara Petacci. The council of partisan leaders, lead by the Communists, secretly decided to execute Mussolini and 15 leading Fascists. They were executed on April 29, 1945, and their bodies were brought back to Milan, where the fascist dictator’s meteoric rise to power began two decades ago; the bodies were hung from an Esso gas station in the Piazzale Loreto, the scene where Mussolini’s own fascists executed fifteen partisans (the so-called Martyrs of Piazzale Loreto) the previous year.

The photos of Mussolini’s gruesome demise was widely reproduced and sold to many Allied soldiers. Meanwhile in Berlin, Hitler heard how Mussolini was executed and vowed he would not let this happen to him. The end was near and Gotterdammerung was about to begin. (See an extremely gruesome picture of Mussolini’s defaced (literally) body here).


Mussolini’s body was buried in a secret grave, but fascists found the body and removed it a year later. A small trunk containing the remains moved from a local convent to a monastery to a police constabulary until it was finally returned to Mussolini’s widow in 1957, and was buried at Predappio, Il Duce’s birthplace.

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0 thoughts on “Mussolini’s Demise

  1. Dear Comrades,

    Yeah…Poor Moose-Linguini (Thats what we used to call him). We tried to get to him first but he tried too hard to get away and so them Commies got him first. We were gonna use him for some tradin we had in mind but well, alls well that ends well. (Still I didnt like what they did to him after and it was not tha REAL Italians that did that…only the no good Commies that were nothin but Cowards anyways).

    As things turned out, his legacy lives on! I hear his Grand Daughter is a big successful politician in Italy and that they absolutly love her! Here is a link to the story (But I warn you, its not for youngsters…this woman is really Hot!):

    Before you start snickerin, Just Remember: There may be Snow on the Roof but theres still a Fire Goin in this here Furnace!….(^>)

    Stay well,
    Your Obt. Svt.
    Col. Korn,
    Chief O’ Mayhem in the Great WW2 an tha Cold War,
    Now Head of Sanitation an Security,
    OXOjamm Studios.

    1. Guys thanks for this wonderful piece of history.was not there by that time but when I read this,It seemed thou I was there.wonder how the world would have been like if all those great guys were still alive.please upload more stories about people who changed the corse of the universe.thanks again

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