Marlene Dietrich signs GI cast


Actress Marlene Dietrich autographs the cast on the leg of Tec 4 Earl E. McFarland at a United States hospital in Belgium, where she has been entertaining the GIs.” Tuttle, November 24, 1944.

When the World War II was declared, the German actress Marlene Dietrich was in Hollywood. She was asked by the Nazis to return to Germany but she refused and instead became a US citizen. One of the first celebrities to raise war bonds, she also travelled tirelessly to entertain the troops on the front lines from Algeria to Germany (She followed George Patton into Germany). She sang, showed magic tricks and told raunchy jokes in cafeterias. An anti-Nazi, she recorded various records in German for American OSS. 

For her efforts during the war, Dietrich was received various honors including the Legion of Honor (France) and Medal of Freedom (US). 

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