The New China by Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1959

In 1958, LIFE asked Henri Cartier-Bresson to return to China, a country he last covered in at the outbreak of the Communist takeover in 1949. Cartier-Bresson was largely sympathetic to the Communist cause and was mostly embedded on a guided tour. While his photographs do not present a critique of Communism, he nonetheless witnessed the beginnings of the disastrous Great Leap Forward.

Seville, 1933 by Henri Cartier-Bresson | Contact Sheets

In 1932, Henri Cartier-Bresson set out on a tour of Southern Europe and the Maghreb; this journey with his 35 mm Leica was to be his formative tour that set out the rules of the art for not only the 25-year old photographer but also for a century of photojournalists who followed him.

Che Guevara | Rene Burri

Laura Bergquist of LOOK met Che Guevara at the UN and asked for an interview. She took Rene Burri with her to Havana for her profile.