The Hmongs, 2003

In 2003 Andrew Perrin and Philip Blenkinsop trekked into the mountainous jungles of Laos to trek down an insurgent group that had been waging war since 1975.

Revolt of Arab Refugees, 1969

In 1969 issue, Look magazine profiled Fatah and PLO, earlier incarnations of the Palestinian movement. Reporter Christopher Wren and photographer Tom Koeniges spent time with various guerrilla groups in the West Bank.

The War in Biafra

Eventually Federal Nigeria found an effective way to quell the rebellious Igbos, by inducing famine conditions inside Biafra. The Nigerian Army began sea and land blockade of Biafra, cutting off food supplies.

The War in Biafra

Little remembered now, but once the name Biafra as much synonymous with horrors, famine, and war as the names Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Rwanda or Darfur. In 1967, the Igbo people in Biafra, the oil-rich south east part of Nigeria, declared their independence, initiating a three-year conflict.

International Brigade, Dismiss!

On 25th October 1938, the final parade and disbandment of the International Brigade was held in Les Maises near Montblanc. Robert Capa travelled there to photograph the parade and his photos appeared in the Picture Post (November 12, 1938).

Dunkirk Evacuation by Hugo Jaeger, 1940

From 1936 until the end of the WWII, Hugo Jaeger worked as a personal photographer for Adolf Hitler and took color photos. Here are his photos from Dunkirk.

Inchon Landings by Bert Hardy, 1951

Picture Post sent Bert Hardy to photograph the Korean War. His photos resulted in the editor losing his job for negatively portraying an ally.