Vallejo Protests by Ojo Magazine, 1958

In June 1958, the union of railroad workers in Mexico went on strike, marking the beginning of a labor dispute that would paralyse Mexico for next two years. Hector Garcia had to launch his own magazine to cover them.

Discovery of Titanic, 1985-1987

Here are National Geographic’s coverage of the wreck of Titanic in the early years of its discovery in expeditions led by Robert Ballard.

Faces of Power: 80% Are White

Nearly half a century after Richard Avedon profiled the political, media and corporate elite of the United States for Rolling Stone, the New York Times returned to the similar theme in their 12 September 2020 issue.

Siddhartha by Will McBride, 1969

When Twen serialized Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse’s novel of a man’s search for enlightenment, photographer Will McBride was asked to come up with the photos to accompany the serialization.