The Sioux by John Vachon, 1955

John Vachon, a taciturn, brooding, hard-drinking photographer, traveled around America and around the world for nearly forty years taking photos first for Farm Security Administration (FSA) and later for LOOK magazine.

A Menorah in Germany, 1931

In 1931, Rosi Posner, wife of the last rabbi of Kiel took this photo of the family menorah from the window ledge of the family home looking out on to the building across the road decorated with Nazi flags.

Life on the Scrap Heap by Peter Marlow, 1985

Peter Marlow was sent by the Sunday Times Magazine to cover Liverpool in the wake of the riots there, when he came across people scavenging through a municipal rubbish tip looking for items to sell so that they could feed their families.

Prague University Shootings, 2023

When I saw the above photo of students hiding from the gunman behind the Czech Republic’s worst-ever mass shooting, I thought it would be on frontpages the next page. Sure enough, it was.

The Siege of Derry by Don McCullin, 1971

On the Sunday before Christmas 1971, in an edition filled with advertisements for Xmas gifts, the Sunday Times magazine published as its lead story a portfolio of 12 photographs about the escalating conflict in Northern Ireland.