New York City Dogs, Elliott Erwitt | Contact Sheets

Although he is also known for many other famous street-photography photos, Elliott Erwitt dedicated the bulk of his photographic work to dogs. He loves them: dogs on the street, dog portraits, dogs larger than children, dog piles and most famously, jumping dogs. Of his 21 books, four are devoted to his dog photography.

The Year of Contact Sheets

William Klein asked his fellow photographers to talk about their contact sheets in a series of short vignettes made for the French television — 36 episodes from Elliot Erwitt, Josef Koudelka, Sebastiao Salgado, Henri Cartier-Bresson and many more.

23-F Coup, 1981

On 23 February 1981, Col. Antonio Tejero entered the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, with 200 Guardia Civil and soldiers and held the deputies present hostage for some 22 hours.

Dead Iraqi Soldier, 1991

A few hours before the 1991 Gulf war ceasefire, photographer Ken Jarecke was heading back to Kuwait from Southern Iraq when he came across a single truck burnt out from airstrike.

Che Guevara is dead, 1967

After his execution in Bolivia, Che’s body was then lashed to the landing skids of a helicopter and flown to nearby Vallegrande and put on display for several photographers in a laundry room.