Eichmann identified, 1960

In 1960, justice finally caught up with one of the most notorious war criminals. Adolf Eichman was abducted by the Israeli secret agents in Argentina in a covert operation and subsequently taken to Israel, where he stood trial for crimes against humanity. Here is the story of how photography was used to identify him.

Gunnar Bergstrom’s Kampuchea, 1978

Due to the favorable coverage in Sweden, Swedish media and diplomats were given special guided tours to Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Here are the photos of one of the Swedish visitors.

Khe Sanh by Robert Ellison, 1968

Khe Sanh, 1968. For war critics and news correspondents, it was a miniature microcosm for the War in Vietnam itself: 6,000 US Marines forced to defend an isolated untenable location that the top brass believed to be indispensable, only to abandon it after hundreds of Americans were sacrificed in its defense. A young photographer took these harrowing images of the battle and he didn’t live to see them published.

Deathrow in China, 2003

A rare glimpse behind the deathrow and how women prisoners accused of drug trafficking spent their last days in a Chinese prison