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The photo above was taken by AP’s photographer James Altgens.  It was taken in Dealey Plaza right after the second shot — first and most controversial of three photos he took of the motorcade after the assassination. In the photo, the president can be seen with his hands near his throat, reacting to being shot (although you can’t really see him, thanks to the mirror). 

A controversial fact was that one faint figure in the back by the doorway looked like scrawny Oswald. His presence there was an impossible fact if he was firing bullets at Kennedy. The Warren Commission pored over the image, called witnesses, and decided that Oswald was not in the doorway. Also in Altgen’s photo is the Dal-Tex Building, with its white fire escape in the far background; many conspiracy theories suggested a gunman fired down from the Dal-Tex at the president. 

Enough ink and pixel has been spent over the assassination, so here I will just refer to stripper Little Lynn — “not just a footnote to history, but a footnote to a footnote” as Stephen King wrote in his excellent fictional account of the assassination, 11/22/63. Google her name.

Odds on a presidential assassination are very long. But to quote King again, “so are the odds on winning the lottery, but someone wins one every day.”

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0 thoughts on “Dallas | 50 Years Later

  1. Those of us that trained with and got to know Lee, knew that he could have done it, sure as poopin in your pants….he was one of the most highly trained individuals of the cold war….but he was just what he said he was, a patsy.

    I wont go into detail how or why I know this extraordinary man but I will offer only this: Strong evidence of his innocence centered on this very photograph. http://www.oswald-innocent.com/oswald.html

    Please keep an open mind as you see for yourself. The life and reputation of a man who was used by unscrupulous persons unknown, to kill our beloved president, hangs in the balance.

    And remember: Lee is not alive to defend himself and only a scrupulous public can do that now.

    May God have mercy on him and us,

    Yor Obt. Svt.

    1. Expect you omitted ONE fact. Wesley B. Frazier went downstairs to view the presidential motorcade and stood in the doorway. He testified that Oswald was not there and minutes after the assassination saw him walk across Houston St. Innocent people do not run from the scene of a crime, specifically becasue they have reason to run away.

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