Eric Gairy and UFOs



He was tall, handsome and well-dressed. A working class hero, Sir Eric Gairy was fondly remembered for his legendary political career (“Gairyism”) in Grenada, but outside his insular nation, he was better known for his obsession with UFOs. (Gairy who spent much of his tiny country’s resources investigating the reason why Grenada was a favorite landing point for flying saucers).

De facto ruler of Grenada since 1950, he led his nation to Independence from Britain in 1974; however his erratic administration provoked a group led by British-trained lawyer Maurice Bishop called the New Jewel Movement (NJM) to lead demonstrations against him. Gairy responded to the NJM by summoning his paramilitary unit, the “Mongoose Gang” to apply strong-armed methods often compared to Duvalier of Haiti’s “Ton-Ton Macoute”.

Gairy was convinced that mankind was threatened by extra-terrestrials arriving in flying saucers. He repeatedly called for a special group within the UN to investigate UFOs. The fact that the then-UN secretary general was a fellow UFO enthusiast Kurt Waldheim facilitated his proposal. In 1979, in Miami an ad hoc conference of UFO experts under the UN auspices was held. Attending were Gairy, Waldheim, and a trio of high profile ufologists who actively supported Gairy:  Hungarian military scientist Col. von Keviczk; American astronomer Dr. Josef Allen Hynek and French computer scientist Jacques Vallee.

The above photo was taken at the Miami Conference. From left to right: American astronaut Gordon Cooper, Vallee, French space scientist Claude Poher, Hynek, Gairy seat to the right of Sec. Gen. Waldheim. It was at this meeting that a bloodless coup by the NJM put Maurice Bishop in power in Grenada and ousted Gairy. With the ouster of Gairy, the UFO talks stopped. After the coup Gairy remained in the United States, returning in 1984, a few months after the Bishop regime self-destructed. His party never won another election and he himself was defeated at the polls. He became Sir Gairy in 1976 and was affectionately known as “uncle” by the people of Grenada.

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0 thoughts on “Eric Gairy and UFOs

  1. I read there was much more to Sir Garys’ story- what was found washed up on shore was the real reason for the U.S. military occupation of Grenada… anyone care to comment?

  2. I just want to comment on how troubling it is to find innacuracies in this UFO-related story. It’s one of the reasons why the public has been inundated by misinformation on the subject.
    This item re. Eric Gairy and UFOs shows an image of Gairy and several prominent experts, and claims the photo was taken in 1979 at a Miami ad hoc conference. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It also says that while Gairy was at this meeting, he was ousted from power in Grenada. This is also blatantly untrue.
    The reason I know these things is because I was the person responsible for bringing all of these individuals together (In the photo, I’m the man with the dark beard sitting across the table from Jacques Vallee). That meeting took place in July 1978 at the United Nations in New York. Gairy wasn’t ousted from power until well after the Nov. 1978 UFO presentation that I produced for him at the U.N. Perhaps Gairy was at some other meeting in 1979 (in Miami) when the ouster took place, but it didn’t happen at the time this picture was taken.
    Misinformation re. UFOs is the reason why the subject is still considered fringe.

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