Gerald Ford assassination

A6320-23A  600Ford escorted out of the park by the Secret Service after the assassination

On September 5th, 1975, a woman in a red nun-like robe tried to assassinate President Gerald R. Ford inside Sacramento’s Capitol Park. The woman, a follower of Charles Manson, named Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, pointed a Colt 45-caliber handgun at Ford. As Fromme pulled the trigger, Larry Buendorf, a Secret Service agent, grabbed the gun and managed to insert the webbing of his thumb under the hammer, preventing the gun from firing.while she was being further restrained and handcuffed, managed to say a few sentences to the on-scene cameras, emphasizing that the gun did not “go off”.

It was later found that, although the gun was loaded with four bullets, it was a semi-automatic pistol and the slide had not been pulled to place a bullet in the firing chamber, making it impossible for the gun to fire. Fromme subsequently told The Sacramento Bee that she had deliberately ejected the cartridge in her weapon’s chamber before leaving home that morning, and investigators later found a .45 ACP cartridge in her bathroom. She also claimed that her motive was to plead with the president about the plight of the California redwoods.

After a lengthy trial in which she refused to cooperate with her own defense–she threw an apple at the persecution–she was convicted of the attempted assassination of the president and received a life sentence. (She is set to be released from prison in mid August 2009). Ford went on to face one more assassination attempt–this one occurred in San Francisco seventeen days later, and the assassin was once again a woman.

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  1. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, KGB. “Millenium Hilton conspiracy”.

    Patrick Fitzerald, member
    Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel
    Bond Federal Building
    1400 New York Avenue, NW, Ninth Floor
    Washington D.C. 20530


    May 24, 2010

    Dear Mr. Fitzerald:

    I have nothing to lose after I’ve refused to participate in CIA-FBI conspiracy which I call “Millenium Hilton” operation – I have no money, no job, no permanent place to stay. I’m telling the truth and I’m sending you a set of special questions related to the U.S. national security, or rather its absence. I want to make it clear – America is deaf and blind because CIA actually does not exist.
    I name people who have to lose a lot – millions of dollars, power, influence, popularity. They will lie to you once you start investigation into their anti-American activity, except Bill Clinton, the weakest link, who knows what lying under oath means and how impeachment looks like. A good thing is – America is no more on their side.I understand that I violated Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982. There’s no other way to bring to justice Bill Clinton who initiated the left-wing conspiracy and Barack Obama who’s covering it up.
    I ask you to pay special attention to CIA. I’ve analyzed the facts and I’ve come to the conclusion that since 1960ies there exists a top-secret KGB (now Russian Intelligence Service) “residentura” or substation inside CIA . The members of this substation are KGB-SVR illegal intelligence officers who pose as the U.S. natural born citizens, hold top positions at CIA and try to penetrate the White House and the U.S. Congress. Technology is simple – you have to find a left-oriented student at Yale, Columbus, Harward or Princeton, compromise him, blackmail, brainwash ,buy, recruit and, finally, “push” him/her to top political position in Washington, DC..
    I think that the members of this residentura recruited Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Then those two were trained and brainwashed by KGB operatives in Moscow in 1969 (Clinton) and in 1981 (Obama). KGB has reached a supergoal – Barack Obama, a Communist, is the U.S. President.
    United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381 states “whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” That might be exactly the case.
    I, a former KGB officer, was recruited by CIA in 1995 as “Filament”. I had to spy on the US Congress and prepare special instructions for American president on successful election and re-election campaigns, strategic planning and top decisions making, national security, foreign policy and diplomacy, propaganda, economy, war and special operations.
    They guaranteed me “anything I wanted”, including special CIA status (“stay in USA as long as you want and do whatever you think is necessary”) and “best medical service in the world” . It was absolutely clear that political surveillance and control over the White House and the U.S. Congress, not national security, was and is the CIA top priority. They were interested in effective interrogation,tortures and murders methods -I gave them detailed instructions on that. They asked me if I was a sniper, because they had “a job up to my high professional skills” in America .
    I’ve stopped cooperation in 2000 but they press me hard and they want me back no matter what.

    I understand that I risk my life and the last thing I want is a staged suicide with a forged letter my pocket: “I did it myself, life has no sense”.
    Life has sense. And liberty – too.

    I hope you’ll inform people about your investigation and I do hope that you are as honest and persistent as your predecessor, Independent Councel Ken Starr. I hope you will bring Bill Clinton, Leon Panetta, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to justice. The most dangerous crime family in American history belongs to federal jail.
    You can reach me via my e-mail address and I’m ready to answer all your questions.

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
    a former KGB USSR intelligence officer and the “Nabat” KGB anti-terror group member (sniper)
    a former Ukrainian National Security Service intelligence officer
    a former CIA/FBI agent, code name “Filament”


    Questions for Bill Clinton, the U.S. President in 1993-2001.
    1. Have you ever been recruited by CIA ? If yes, what for ?
    2. As an Oxford second-year student you organized and led anti-war demonstrations in London in October and November 1969. Those demonstrations got support from British Peace Council, an arm of the KGB-backed World Peace Council. Then you’ve travelled to Moscow and stayed there a week (December 31,1969 – January 6, 1970). Did you have contacts in Moscow with KGB intelligence officers or with KGB-backed World Peace Council ? If yes, explain the nature of the contacts.
    3. Did you sanction or order CIA Director John Deutch to recruit a former KGB officer Mikhail Kryzhanovsky as “Filament” in 1995 ? If yes, explain the purpose of the recruitment – to teach Democrats how to build socialism in America, turn CIA into a superpower and keep the nation under control ?
    4. Did you order to grant “Filament” immigrant status (political asylum) ?
    5. Did you sanction political murders and surveillance on Republican Senators and Congressmen ?
    6. Did you use “Filament’s” presidential elections technologies ( “The Professional” system) to win re-election 1996 ?
    7. Why did you pardon a former CIA Director John Deutch, the only Russian CIA Director , a suspected traitor and KGB “mole” ( in 2001 ?
    8. Did you recommend President Barack Obama to hire your former Senior Adviser Rahm Emanuel as the White House Chief of Staff and your former Chief of Staf Leon Panetta as CIA Director ? If yes, why you did that – to keep building socialism according to KGB instructions ?
    9. Are you personally involved in any kind of anti-American activity ? If yes, are you ready to cooperate with the Office of Special Counsel ?

    Questions for Leon Panetta, Chief of Staff to President Clinton in 1994-1997, appointed CIA Director by President Obama in 2009.
    1. In 1994-1997 you sat in on the daily intelligence briefings as President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff. What did you know about CIA hitman “Filament” , “Millenium Hilton” CIA operation and KGB political technologies introduced by him to the White House ? What do you know about him now as CIA Director ?
    2.CIA operatives informed “Filament” that intelligence abroad is not among priorities for the agency.Does that mean that CIA as intelligence federal agency does not exist and America is deaf, blind and extremely vulnerable to international terrorism ?
    3. CIA granted “Filament” a special status “to do in Washington, DC whatever he finds necessary”. Did that mean a “license to kill” ?
    4. “Filament” asked for a job in Europe,but CIA instructed him, a professional spy, sniper and KGB “Nabat” special anti-terror group member on political murders in USA and surveillance on the U.S. Senators and Representatives.
    Who are on the assassination and surveillance list ? Is CIA specifically targeting Republicans ? If yes, give the names of Republican lawmakers.
    5. In 1991-1992 a former KGB spy Kryzhanovsky worked in Russia for SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) intelligence under the cover of political analyst. He had to penetrate Kremlin and influence Russian President Eltsyn who at the time opposed the independence of Ukraine. That’s why, after he came to USA, CIA wanted to use his experience inside Congress and the White House ? Did you want him to be a Senator ? A U.S. President ? He stopped cooperation with you in 2000, same year Democrats lost the White House and you picked up another Communist who worked for you before – Barack Obama. But you still need “Fillament” – for what ? For 2012 ?
    6. Are you currently involved in any kind of anti-American activity ? Did you get orders from President Barack Obama to watch, compromise, blackmail or kill any Republican politician ? If yes, are you ready to resign ?
    7. CIA is pressing “Filament” in every way – he couldn’t bring his family here for 10 years, he can’t get citizenship, his life is a disaster. Does that mean you want him back for political murders ?

    Questions for Rahm Emanuel, Senior Adviser to President Bill Clinton for Policy and Strategy in 1993-1998, Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama since 2009.
    1. You served as Senior Adviser to President Bill Clinton for Policy and Strategy in 1993-1998. What do you know about FBI/CIA “Filament” and “Millenium Hilton” operation ?
    2. Did you use KGB political strategies and methods described by “Filament” in his “The Professional” system to help Bill Clinton be reelected ?
    2. Are you currently using his “White House Special Handbook” to assist President Obama in reforming America into a socialist country ?
    3. Are you (were you) involved in any kind of anti-American activity ? If yes, are you ready to resign ?

    Question for Janet Napolitano, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary.
    In 2010 “Filament” created the U.S. National Security System for Homeland Security Department. How do you use it ?

    Questions for FBI Director Robert Mueller.
    1. What do you know about FBI/CIA hitman “Filament” ?
    1. At CIA secret meeting place (New York “Millenium Hilton”, suite # 3111) “Filament” was introduced to his FBI contact, National Security Division agent. Does that mean that FBI is also involved in anti -American conspiracy, political murders and surveillance on the U.S. Senators and Representatives ?
    2. In 2002 President George W. Bush sent inquiry on “Filament’s” case to the Department of Justice and it was blocked. Are you responsible for that ? If yes, tell why you is “Filament” so important that you risked your career by ignoring the U.S. President’s inquiry ?
    3. How FBI National Security Division intend to use “Filament” if CIA gets him back ?
    4. Are you (were you) involved in any kind of anti-American activity ? If yes, are you ready to resign ?

    Questions for Hillary Clinton, New York Senator in 2001- 2009, appointed Secretary of State by Barack Obama in January 2009.
    1. In June 2001 “Filament” warned you on national security collapse, CIA-FBI conspiracy and his personal situation after he informed President Clinton and CIA Director George Tenet that he’s “out of the game”. In August 2001 you’ve promised support. On September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked America killing 3,000.Only in a year you’ve finally decided to help “Filament’s” family only (to come to the States). Are you involved in CIA-FBI conspiracy ?
    2. Are you ready to take personal responsibility for 3,000 deaths of innocent people killed by terrorists on September 11, 2001 ?
    3. Did you get any recommendations from your husband , President Bill Clinton on “Filament’s” case ?
    4. Are you ready to help “Filament now to stop conspiracy ?

    Questions for the U.S. President Barack Obama
    1. Have you ever been recruited by CIA ? If yes, after being elected the U.S. President,have you ever get instructions from CIA to use KGB political technologies introduced to the White House by a former KGB officer Mikhail Kryzhanmovsky (CIA/FBI “Filament ” ) ?
    2. Being Columbia University student and a former Marxist Club member at Occidental College, have you travelled to Moscow in 1981 ? If yes, did you have contacts with KGB over there ?
    2. What do you know about “Filament” ?
    3. Did you use “Filament’s” propaganda and “mind control” technologies to win 2008 presidential elections ? Are you currently using these KGB technologies to keep American nation under control ?
    4. Are you currently using KGB technologies on how to manage the White House and control the U.S. Congress ?
    5. In 2008 you made the following statement :” We can’t continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We got to have a civilian national security force that just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded”. Paul Broun, a Republican Congressman, is sure that you wants to establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship, but in fact you mean KGB with its totalitarian control methods , the ones “Filament” instructed Democrats about. Is that true ?
    6. Did Bill Clinton recommend you to appoint Leon Panetta as CIA Director and Rahm Emanuel as your Chief of Staff ?
    7. Are you personally involved in any kind of anti-American activity ? . If the U.S. Office of Special Counsel investigation proves that, are you ready to resign or rather risk the possibility of impeachment ?
    8. Are you hiding any information pointing to CIA Director Leon Panetta and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as co-conspirators ?
    9. Have you ever received information from CIA Director Leon Panetta about CIA assassination and surveillance list targeting Republican Senators and Congressmen ?
    10. “Filament” was ordered by CIA to penetrate the U.S. Congress under cover of political scientist (with the help of James Billington, Congress Librarian) . Is this operation currently in progress ? If yes, who is responsible for it and who’s currently involved in it ?

    You, Mr. President, changed one thing for sure – there no Democrats and Republicans anymore. Now Americans are divided into Communists and Patriots.
    Thanks for the “change”.

    New York
    CNN ireport

  2. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. “Obama’s New World Order”

    On May 27, 2010 Communist Barack Obama transmitted the new U.S. National Security Strategy to the Congress.
    New (Communist) strategy recognizes the existence of a multi-polar world and calls for joint efforts with other existing and emerging centers of influence “to shape an international order that promotes a just peace. We are working to build deeper and more effective partnerships with other key centers of influence — including China, India, and Russia…” the document says.

    OK. Let’s put India aside for a while and talk business.

    1. The world will be ruled by (or distributed among) members of a powerful “triumvirate” -Communist China, Communist Russia and America with a Communist President backed by the Communist Congress.
    2. New world order will never promote a “just peace”, because Communist ideology was never and will never be peaceful. China and Russia place military modernization among their top political priorities.
    3. Those three “key centers of influence” will establish strong political and economic ties to support their Communist regimes and their union, and effectively expand Communist ideology worldwide. Obama will pay his share in the union with advanced American scientific and military technologies.
    4. The union has a future if Obama is re-elected in 2012 or another Democrat takes the Office.

  3. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky . “WHITE HOUSE AND KGB”.

    Open letter to U.S. Senate from a former KGB intelligence officer and CIA “Filament”.

    Copy to: U.S. President Barack Obama
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
    CIA Director Leon Panetta

    February 3, 2010

    Dear U.S. Senators,

    My personal situation and my deep concern about the U.S. national security pushed me to write this letter. I was born in 1958 in Ukraine, I’m a former KGB USSR and SBU (Ukrainian Security Service), intelligence officer (major), and KGB “Nabat” anti-terror group member (a sniper). In 1991-1992, as SBU illegal intelligence officer, I came to Moscow to get into Russian President Boris Yeltsin “inner circle” to influence his decisions,extremely anti-Ukrainian at the time. Operation was in progress until Kremlin got somehow information about it, and in 1992 Russia and Ukraine signed a Treaty to stop mutual espionage. I had to resign and move to Europe for security

    In 1995 I came to USA where I hoped to work for the government as strategic intelligence analyst on my own project – modern U.S. national security strategy.Same year I met two CIA agents and FBI National Security Dision agent in New York City and signed a certain obligation as “Filament”. What happened next showed that I was recruited by political action group (within CIA Special Activities Division) agents. And next was a joint CIA-FBI conspiracy.

    They were impressed by my intelligence, counter-intelligence and anti-terror knowledge and experience, and also, by my research in political science. I was very surprised -they decided to “copy” my Moscow operation .I had to spy on the U.S. Congress andwork with Congress Librarian James Billington who knew me as a political scientist through his Moscow representative, and could introduce me to Senators and Representatives. They wanted also to influence the White House and approved my idea to create a special system of instructions for American presidents on successful election and re-election campaigns, strategic planning and top decisions making, national security, foreign policy and diplomacy, propaganda, economy, war and special operations.

    I was paid $900 just to start the job and they guaranteed me “anything I wanted”, including special CIA status (“stay in USA as long as you want and do whatever you think is necessary”) and best medical service (“same as we have”). It was absolutely clear that political surveillance and control over the White House and the U.S. Congress, not national security, was and is the CIA top priority. Besides, they were interested in effective interrogation,tortures and murders methods -I gave them detailed instructions on that, and that was a big help in Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan. They asked me if I was a sniper, because they had “a job up to my high professional skills” in America , though I’ d rather work in Europe. Later I’ve called Secret Service about this strange proposal and a posssible danger for President Bill Clinton – they said “talk to CIA if you have problems with CIA”. Good (and well paid) job, guys.

    In 1997 I’ve finished “The Professional” presidential handbook, a “system of top political, espionage and war management for the White House”.( President
    Bill Clinton used it to win 1996 election, but then he was too busy with his impeachment. George W. Bush, Jr. , whose father was a former DCI and the U.S. President, used my my ” preventive war” and “America’s global domination” strategies, my total control methods (through “USA Patriot Act”). And his adviser Carl Rowe used my “propaganda and mind control” schemes I also take some responsibility for the war in Iraq – it was a part of a long-term strategy of natural gas and oil markets control.

    President Barack Obama is using my advices on economy, diplomacy, domestic propaganda, war, and if he wants to build socialism, he’s moving in a right direction,
    especially if its about health care reform and something else very important. What is that ? On July 2, 2008 he made the following statement :” We can’t continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We got to have a civilian national security force that just as
    powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded”. Many people , including Paul Broun, a Republican Congresssman, think that Obama wants to establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship, but I think he means KGB with its structure and methods – exactly as I explain in my book.
    You know what I got in return ? In 2006 they sent me RNC platinum card # 567192584-Q415 – thank you very much).

    OK. I was in Washington , D.C. couple of times and met somebody there. But since 1998 I tried to avoid meetings with CIA and in 2000 I ‘ve sent a letter to DCI
    Tenet saying that I stop cooperation with CIA.They’ve pressed me very hard in return. I’m immigrant, but it took me 3 years to get SS# and EAD; I have no green card,
    no citizenship until now. For years INS ignored my family reunion petition (they lied to Senator Hillary Clinton that my file disappeared ).
    Then there was open and aggressive surveillance in the streets and taking pictures right in my face, illegal searches of my appartment in my absence and stealing papers and phone books, breaking the mail boxes and stealing my correspondence.I had to fight back.

    In June 2001, three months before 9/11 tragedy happened, I’ve warned American President George W. Bush and the U.S. Senate on CIA anti-American activity, national security collapse and my personal situation. Hillary Clinton, my Senator, took it seriously, but she helped my family only. The White House sent my letter to the Department of Justice a year later – no answer until now. NYS Attorney General refused to help me , too. A month ago I wrote to President Obama ,Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary and Mark Kappelhof, Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division – same result. That’s conspiracy – you ask the government a simple question and
    nobody wants to answer it. Or they can’t admit that American presidents follow my instructions for 10 years ?

    My life is hard, but I try to do something for America. In 2007 , ALGORA, a small publishing company, offered me almost no money contract and released my “White
    House Special Handbook, or How to Rule the World in the 21st Century”, based on “The Professional”. There was actually no promotion, but at least future American
    and European politicians, now the students of 260 universities and colleges worldwide including Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Georgetown and Oxford, learn top political
    lmanagement in a right, KGB way (see CIA wants me back no matter what. I have no job, no money, no place to stay and I don’t live with my family because I don’t know what CIA is going to do next. Still, I’m not going to be involved in other anti-American conspiracy, and I want DCI Leon Panetta and his boys to leave me alone. As a professional spy, I understand that sooner or later this game has to come to an end – what end ? a bullet from another sniper ? a car accident ? a staged
    suicide with a fake “I did it myself” note ?

    To tell you the truth, I was ready to leave America , but then I said to myself – let them leave, all 20,000 bastards, why me ? As intelligence agency CIA does not exist, America is deaf and blind and that’s the fact we have to face. I want to create fundamentals of modern espionage, counter-espionage, police work, war and special operations – the U.S. national security system.

    I do need your help.

    For additional information you can contact CIA Director Leon Panetta, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton.

    Thank you.

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky


    1. I need help, here is my story;
      Whistleblower on CIA drug operations moved to another federal prison
      The whistleblower, a cousin of the former CIA top official dealing with counter-narcotics, has been moved from Florence federal penitentiary in Arizona to another federal prison center, according to information passed to WMR by a former FBI counter-narcotics contractor and member of the Presidential Task Force on Narcotics during the 1980s.

      WMR has now been given liberty by parties involved in the case to divulge further details about the matter.

      The individual arrested on charges that he threatened federal agents is Philip Ticktin of Arizona. Ticktin’s cousin, identified as the person responsible for not only the CIA’s counter-narcotics program but also instrumental in setting up the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), designed to track the money flows of drug dealers and terrorists, is Sidney Zabludoff. Ticktin changed his last name from Zabludoff, which appears on his Pennsylvania birth certificate, to Ticktin some years ago.

      On February 12, 2010, WMR reported: “WMR’s FBI sources also confirmed that the senior CIA officer officially vested with the job of countering the international narcotics trade was actively involved in promoting the CIA’s own drug smuggling operations. The individual also served in the Treasury Department where he ensured that the surveillance databases of suspicious money flows by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) were scrubbed of any information that would point to the CIA’s involvement in drug money laundering.

      We have also learned that the cousin of the CIA official, who discovered his cousin’s involvement in the narcotics and drug money laundering business, was recently arrested in Arizona and incarcerated in the Florence federal penitentiary for allegedly threatening the lives of federal agents, a serious crime under the new anti-terrorism laws. Although, the individual in question has been diagnosed as ‘delusional’ by a court-appointed psychiatrist, federal prosecutors are seeking a plea deal that would ensure that no mention is ever made of the cousin [who is now a well-known supporter of Israel], the CIA, FBI, or the Bush family. The jailed whistleblower also alleged that the CIA’s drug trade continues to flourish and that it involves Latin American Jews, Mossad agents and fabric and window covering warehouses in Florida, Georgia, and Texas that are used to store drugs from Latin America prior to distribution.
      Ticktin has filed a series of complaints about his alleged harassment by federal agents to the U.S. District Court for Arizona over the past several years.

      In a June 12, 2008, court filing, Ticktin stated “A wrongful termination ensued after which plaintiff was solicited to work for a window covering firm in Florida, known as Vertilux. It was, plaintiff believes, accidentally revealed there that this firm and Hunter Douglas were front Corporations for the Central Intelligence Agency and is actually involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics and money laundering. It develops that Hunter Douglas, Vertilux and every company that has since solicited the plaintiff to work has been protected by Executive order and it appears for a protracted time that the fabric industry has been used as a benign cover for these other activities.”

      Ticktin also filed a number of Freedom of Information Act requests to the CIA and NSA for records dealing with him and his various employers.

      Ticktin has stated the following in a memorandum for the record sent to WMR:

      “I have a story that is very pertinent to what is going on now. I am a civilian, no military or intelligence background, but I have a relative in a high level intelligence capacity (Sidney J. Zabludoff, do a Google search if you do not know him) that told me 6 months before the Iraq war began that there was NO WEAPONS of any consequence! “A stealth bomber could knock out what little bit Saddam has got in 10 minutes”.
      At the time, I was working for a company in Augusta, Georgia (Carole Fabrics) and told some of my co workers about this. I would assume that this company is either an agency run company, or the conversations were picked up at nearby Ft. Gordon, an NSA listening post. Shortly after, I was fired from this company where I had worked for over 5 years. I was approached shortly thereafter by a “company” in Miami (Vertilux) that I have been told is a BLACK BAG OPERATION (CIA’s drug, weapon, and money movement). I am told that this was a “retribution” job.
      In short, I have been harassed by a series of “jobs” that I was approached to take. I can prove everything I say. I recorded conversations with the fake company in Miami, where I was warned about my “political statements”.
      When I filed a FOIA on the Miami “company”, I received a call from the NSA, and everybody tells me that they never call people on the phone….to demand what I wanted to know. So far, the media seems to be scared of this story. My subsequent FOIA requests about info about myself have been stonewalled. I also spoke to Kenneth Williams of the FBI. He is the guy who wrote the memo about the Arabs going to flight school in Phoenix. I have tried to get a copy of the report he says he wrote through the FOIA, but have been equally stonewalled. They have destroyed my career, just like they did with Valerie Plame!”

      The former FBI counter-narcotics consultant and member of President Reagan’s narcotics task force has told WMR that Ticktin’s story checks out in all accounts. Ticktin claims that after expressing an early interest in his story, The New York Times refused to take any more of his phone calls.

      According to the website of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, “Sidney Zabludoff is an economist who worked for the White House, CIA, and Treasury Department for more than thirty years. Upon retirement in 1995, he focused on issues related to the restitution of Jewish assets stolen during the Holocaust era. He has published numerous detailed studies on the issue and was the principal analyst for Jewish participants involved in insurance claims.”

      In the February 12 report, WMR also reported that the CIA threatened, via the Medellin drug cartel, the life of former Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Senator Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ) over bis probing of CIA involvement in drug smuggling. The CIA operations involved a number of airfields in the southern United States, as well as cattle ranches. A former Customs Service agent has told WMR that these operations involved Tropic Air out of Belize flying drugs into Mena, Arkansas. WMR has been told the Mena operations are ongoing.

  4. Little Red Riding Hood Squeaky Fromme wasted her life on a meaningless gesture trying to save redwood trees. Poor President Ford had a couple of attempts on his life from lame assassins. Then Saturday Night Life had made the career of Chevy Chase doing pratfalls and imitations of President Ford. Chevy Chase had more impact on the President than Squeaky.

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