Jimmy Carter falls


Friday, Jan. 23, 1981. Three days after leaving office, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter falls to the ground after tripping on a curb at the barricade outside the Carter compound in Plains, Georgia. The former president immediately returned to his feet and finished joging home with his wife Rosalyn.

During his first 20 months in the White House, Carter got his exercise through tennis, playing at least five times a week and teaching Rosalyn to play. He took up jogging  in 1978 during the Middle East summit at Camp David when he had no time for tennis. He jogged 30 miles weekly.

In 1979, he suffered heat exhaustion and collapsed similarly at Catoctin Mountain National during jogging–but some 90 minutes after the collapse, Carter stood at the finish line of the 10-km (6.2-mile) race, handing out trophies to the winners.

Photo credits: Charles Kelly, AP Photo; Wayne Perkins, STR

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