Hoover-Curtis Campaign


Charles Curtis did not like being Vice President very much. He did not like Herbert Hoover and Herbert Hoover did not like him. They played their parts well in the public as good friends, but they were really not. Charles Curtis–who place the third behind Hoover in RNC–was just a President-In-Waiting. Therefore, a 1928 campaign picture of Herbert Hoover and his running mate had to be faked because Hoover refused to pose with Curtis.

The Great Depression struck in 1929 and worsened over the remaining Hoover-Curtis years. The same Republican team of Hoover-Curtis was badly defeated in their re-election bid in a 57% – 40% landslide by the Democratic candidates, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Nance Garner.

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One thought on “Hoover-Curtis Campaign

  1. Interesting to note, there was a substantial prize for a photo of just Hoover and Curtis together before the 1928 campaign, it was never collected on, so I imagine that this photo was cut from a larger photo. There also was a scandal (for the times) that a photo similar to above did come out but it was proveded to be a fake. What I have found interesting is the ‘why’ they disliked each other.

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