Henry Ford & Model T

 Henry Ford-Model T

Before he found his ‘perfect’ automobile with Model T in 1908, Henry Ford had been working with 19 prototypes (Models A-T) for five years. Model T marked the beginning of affordable automobiles ushering in the new era of fast living. Its original price [US$850/£180; inflation adjusted: $20.3 thousand] was half or a third of other marketed cars’ prices, and this price would continue to drop to $300 by the 1920s. Simultaneously built, mass-produced and marketed in many countries, the car was also the first international car. 

The car was so successful that Ford decided to rename his follow-up car  Model U to ‘Ford Model A’, to start things anew.  

In the above picture from Henry Ford Museum, the car entrepreneur of the century poses with a Model T in Buffalo, New York in 1921. In that year alone, about one million Model T’s rolled out of his assembly lines. 

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