Iwo Jima: “Sticks and Stones, Bits of Human Bones”



This poetically named W. Eugune Smith photo has very little romance to it. Taken as US Marine Demolition Team Basting out a cave on Hill 382, Iwo Jima, 1945, the photo, LIFE magazine which portrayed a cropped version on its April issue wrote, not only “captures an instant of violence with an almost dreamlike clarity, but also silently reminded the American public that, after four long years of a war fought halfway around the world, American troops still faced (and administered) daily, relentless destruction”. 

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  1. Not sure if your still running this blog, but could you give me a hint as to where you got the quote? I looked at the LIFE magazine in full in google books, I was however unable to locate these direct words. I’m writing a rhetorical analysis on the said image of this blog and I would like you use that quote, but I need the source.

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