Heinrich Schliemann, Troy



In 1872, a monumental excavation force was put together by Heinrich Schliemann to excavated Troy. Using 150 workmen (on average), Schliemann (with his rail engineer on the rock) was able to displace great quantities of debris (over 250,000 cubic meters in three years). An army of 6 horse carts, 10 handcarts mounted upon a rail line and 88 wheelbarrows was assembled by his railroad engineer to achieve this feat.

–From Dorpfeld, W. 1902: “Troja und Ilion.” Athens: Beck & Barth.

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  1. Great images, I’d love to use them on an upcoming BBC documentary I’m working on looking at the Odyssey. Do you know who holds the copyright to them?


    1. have you found the copyright yet?? i want them too for television doc i am working on, thanks, Anita

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