The Queen and the Pope


In 1980, Queen Elizabeth II made history by becoming the first British monarch to make a state visit to the Vatican.* Since the Vatican prohibits any non-Catholic women from wearing anything except black, Her Majesty was dressed in a long black taffeta gown. The pope welcomed the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the door of his private library.

Thus met two greatest non-elected statesmen of 20th century. In 1982, John Paul would be welcomed by Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace during a historic visit to Great Britain. [However, it was made clear this would not be a state visit but one “to the Roman Catholic community in Great Britain”].  The Queen visited the Vatican again in 2000 to mark the 20th anniversary of their first meeting.

*She meet Pope Pius XII as a princess and Pope John XXIII on a state visit to Italy.

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0 thoughts on “The Queen and the Pope

  1. O’ what eggregious webs we mortals weave,
    The Pontiff continually endeavours to deceive.
    Catholic Queens are blessed to wear white,
    While England’s Queen, in black, is his delight.

    1. Most people are not aware of the significance the Roman Catholic Church places upon symbolism. The idea that the Queen is compelled to wear black on a State visit to the Vatican and an audience with the Pope is humiliating to the dignity of the Queen and the office which she holds. This is required by the Roman Catholic hierocracy. That church, unlike Protestant churches, is governed by the ecclesiastics of the church. Not only is it humiliating to the Queen but it is humiliating to the people of the United Kingdom as well. Catholic Queens, such as those of Spain, dress in white and this is considered her privelege when she has an audience with the Pope. The Act of Settlement and the Bill of Rights were designed to insure that the
      throne of England would be forever free of the shackles of Rome. But Rome never gives and it is intent on bringing the United Kingdom under it’s authority. Rome seeks quietly and with persistence to subvert in every way she can. Rome is without question the harlot we read about in the Book of Revelation and a
      good review of Church History will show that to be be so. May England be on guard and watch for future actions of that old serpent as he tries to bring the U.K. once again under it’s grasp.

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