The Road to the Moon Landings – Apollo 8 – Time Magazine, 1969

In the upcoming two weeks, Iconic Photos would cover the NASA missions to the other space and the Moon as they appeared in leading picture magazines of the time: Life, Epoca, Paris-Match, Look, Sunday Times, etc.

These documents are not just historical records: they are tributes to the bravery and ingenuity of the astronauts and engineers who took humanity’s first steps into the vastness of space. They celebrate a time when space was a new and dangerous frontier, and each mission captured the world’s imagination.

Fifty four years later, it is hard to miss its seismic impact. As LIFE noted, it capped an incredible year of news which were not always great: two political assassinations, the worsening situation in Vietnam, turmoil of college campuses and around the world, and the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia. Perhaps that was why the crew of Apollo 8 became Time magazine’s Men of the Year that December.

The Astronauts remembered:

Jim Lovell: “[Men of the Year] always reminded me of a very significant milestone. We were able to complete a very turbulent year by doing something that was respected and honored, not just in the U.S. but by the whole world.”

William Anders: “The main objective — contrary to what a lot of people think — was to beat the Russians to the moon. [Being named Men of the Year] was really a wake-up call that Apollo 8 was bigger than just beating the commies.”

Accompanied by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke’s visionary epic 2001: A Space Odyssey, which first came out in April and was then showing in cinemas round the globe (the crew also attended its Houston showing a few months earlier), it was the high watermark: the peak of public interest in human spaceflight. People saying the U.S. government should “do more” in space peaked in late 1968 (~30pc) but declined to ~20pc six months later, before Apollo 11 landed on the moon. In addition, the NASA budget also declining, from the peak year in 1966. It did not recover. Apollo 8’s success largely took the world by surprise. By the time Apollo 11 was launched, the world had already got used to the idea of manned lunar flight.

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