Raymond Depardon’s France

To understand France’s political malaise, look to Raymond Depardon’s works.  As the popular revolt paralyzed […]

Grace, Minnesota

American states are a weird assembly of riotous traditions, laws, and items. Pumpkin pie is […]

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Business of photography is largely the business of death, destruction, and misery. Humans are naturally […]

Roswell Memo

Perhaps no other photo has been scrutinized as much as the one above. Books have […]

Mount St. Helens — May 1980

As Mount St. Helens primed for its explosion, the government dithered. Logging companies which owned most of the land around the volcano vehemently opposed geologists’ plan to set a large danger zone around the mountain. Due to government inaction, and people’s nonchalance, the eruption was one of the most well documented natural disasters.

Mount St. Helens, April 1980

At 8:27 a.m. on May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens in the Pacific Northwest of the United States was 9,677 feet high. Over the next five minutes, the volcano lost 1,300 feet, blowing its top in an explosion so massive that trees toppled 17 miles away.