Mafia Rub-Out

Carmine Galante, also known as Lilo and Cigar (1910-1979), was the boss of the Bonanno mafia ‘family’. On July 12, 1979, Galante was eating lunch at Joe and Mary’s Italian-American Restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn while he was murdered along with his bodyguard, Leonard Coppola, and restaurant owner/cousin Giuseppe Turano. Cigar in mouth, the 69-year-old mobster was blasted in the face and chest at point-blank range with a shotgun. His assassination was thought to have been engineered by the head of other New York Costa Nostra families.

The picture of dead Galante with a cigar hanging from his mouth become an instant icon. Hearing a call to aid a patrolman on the police radio in his New York Daily News car, photographer Frank Castoral got to the restaurant before any other reporter. A policeman he knew told him what happened but would not let him into the restaurant. Castoral asked a family living in the building to climb to the roof, and took these pictures from his high vantage point.

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6 thoughts on “Mafia Rub-Out

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  2. Gallante was killed at Joe and Mary’s after the owners were asked to go up to their summer place in the mountains for a few days.

    The family (now DePaola) lives in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona now. The son rudy DePaola owns Strictly from Scratch bakery supply company in Phoenix.

    Rudy also hung out in phoenix with Sammy the Bull Gravano when he was in the witness protection program there before he got busted for his ecstasy ring.

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