Jackie Kennedy & Lee Radziwill


Jackie Kennedy and her sister Princess Lee Radziwill keeping vigil. The gripping photograph was made at Sen. Robert Kennedy’s funeral as the coffin was carried from the ceremony into the night.

It was one of the most famous photos Robert Lebeck who take for the German magazine Stern, where he worked for 20 years. Lebeck was traveling in Africa for three months as a photographer for Hamburg magazine Kristall in 1960, the year that the European powers bestowed independence on their last colonies, and Lebeck was there to made his signature photojournal “Afrika im Jahre Null” (“Africa in Year Zero”) which included a photograph of a African boy stealing the steel scabbard of Belgian King Baudouin, Lebeck’s most famous picture.

When Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranian revolutionary leader, returned to Tehran from Paris after 15 years of exile, Lebeck sat with him in the plane. In 1963, he was at the coronation of Pope Paul VI. Lebeck photographed Cardinal Ottaviani laughing as he kissed the pope’s hand; he would have so much preferred being named pope. This image has become an icon of photojournalism. ‘‘It shows what it means to be there when the event takes place,’’ Lebeck said.

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