Patterson Bigfoot


It was not only the most famous recording of an alleged Bigfoot, but also one of the last major ‘sitings’ of the creature. On October 20th 1967, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin captured a purported Sasquatch with 16mm camera at Bluff Creek, California. Patterson and Gimlin were an expedition to find the elusive creature in the Bluff Creek area of the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California after large footprints had been found in this region in previous years.

The famed Patterson-Gimlin film shows a large, manlike creature striding through a clearing. Unlike many alleged Bigfoot photographs, the subject in the film cannot be a misidentification. Either the film is a hoax or it is an unknown, hairy giant. The film is presented as the best evidence of Bigfoot by many advocates, and discounted by many scientists as a hoax. Many years later, Bob Heironimus, an acquaintance of Patterson’s, claimed that he had worn an ape costume for the making of the film. Both men have always dismissed allegations that they had hoaxed the footage by filming a man wearing an ape suit.

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  1. I seen your Sasquatch on holiday visiting south beach, he asked if everyone would please stop with the stalking and constantly claiming to have experienced a “sighting”,he went on to suggest that they have yet to find a munster in that loch & with the whole brexit fiasco,those stuffy brits could use the tourism £££ a lot more than the pacific n.w.,he also thinks that it makes way more sense with all the castles,& pubs ect. ect. It was then we had a great laugh as he talked himself into going & how funny to spot him while looking for lochness munster, like anyone would believe that….ohhh we had tears we laughed so hard,…anyway he is a great man/beast with a wonderful sense of humor so in the words of the immortal Yosemite Sam “BACK OFF “

  2. He didn’t make a higher quality monster than Hollywood, He made a poorer quality film allowing even experts to become befuddled. all of the “Ruptures” and rippling muscles are nothing more than wrinkles in the costume as Bob moved. Also, all of the over analyzed views of the motion are turning a totally blind
    eye to the fact that this shows nothing more than a man walking just as normal as can be. There is absolutely Nothing special about the way Bob is walking here. Plus The giant square and toeless slipper footed sole are also a dead giveaway. LOL! There may very well be Bigfoot, but this isn’t a film of one.
    Besides his nephew was on the news about 5 years ago showing the costume and actually walking with it on
    as the news cameraman recorded it. They did a split screen and it became painfully obvious that this Was in fact, the same suit right down to the rippling and or Ruptured muscle, (wrinkles in the costume). I am scouring the web for the piece. I cannot remember which channel it was on.
    But I’ll find it.

    1. I am interested in the fact that people actually believe that Bob was in a suit LOL
      How blind are you? A technology in 67 did not have the capabilities to do the breast movements and actually many scientist agree the Patterson film is authentic for massive reasons.
      The depth of prints of the creature was much heavier and more depth then horses with bob and Roger riding. Therefor no human on earth could walk that fast in such heavy costume no matter what anyone say.
      B you obviously have no idea about typical walking behavior scientist in locomotion to ape researchers such as Jayne Goodall all give favor to the patterson film. The only people that do not are ones that lie to themselves and cannot no matter what look with a objective they beleive no matter what that sasquatch does not exist therefore film has to be fake. Watch original film and you will see in first few seconds film already no question authentic. When roger trips the camera spins for a second and picks up rogers print it also shows sasquatch print Rogers barely in ground at all not even barely a line after tripping and running. Yet this female foot prints you see great depth in ground indicating huge weight to it. As well many muscles from femur to even buttocks muscles can be seen which no suits ever existed that can do that so you lie when you say that. Also Bob unless a giant transvestite could not of been in suit or anyone else. It is a living animal and nothing less. I watch all other videos they are laughable except this one and a rare few others such as whitey and film in russia and afew others have some credability. But most laughable even with todays technology. The people make these claims in suit do not even know where location was. Also try and make themselves bit of fame and totaly laughable. I mean if you could make the suit then . Why could you not of now and do same. Instead none of the people provide any proff except photo of some old bear- gorila suit that looks nothing like the patterson film creature So totaly has nothing to do with the patterson film and just apicture of a old gorilla suit they try and pass off as evidence. Both Roger and Bob passed lie detector tests. As well I interview Bob and know him to be honest and a tracker so he knows the animals and not some novice woodmen here. People have been reporting sasquatch for over 6000 years in many cultures. It is simple a wild Gorilla like animal that has intelegence like human Or possibly a ancient man and that is why they can avoid us. They can out run us Out hide us. Out smell us. Out hear us. So in blink of eye can evade. Even in books hundreds of years old mention of them. And what body parts can be used to heal. They were rare even in ancient times and it is only because of mans new evasion of forests that more are seen. Even early reports papers back to 15th century I find full descriptions of wildmen shot some over 13 feet tall hairy huge arms and in one report mentioning of copper nails on feet. interestingly this has been mentioned by some tribes in other places indicating likely real it is unlikely you imagine in different places the same traits to the tee. The list goes on and on from DNA evidence of belonging to no known animal on earth hair samples to hundreds of recorded killings of them since ancient times. If even one is true then obviously it exists whether we like or not. As well daily new species all around the world including man are discovered often in areas smaller then USA etc and more used in area of human inhabitants.
      I also was friends with Renee dehinden and I know much more about the film and I know it was not a man in a suit . It is impossible for a man of that weight of prints to walk such speed. So no matter what anyone claims bottom line creature is filmed making prints much deeper then horses with people on it shows impossible to be human in suit let alone many other things from gate to breasts on her. So I wish people stop argue about this film no matter what it is authentic Case closed

  3. To James as the statement that you do not believe it is real do to bones not found. This is not actually correct and I will explain why. First of all if you talk to any big game hunter, zoologist, or anyone ina field that is out in the woods and ask them if they have ever found a dead cougar or even a much more common type of animal a bear. You will get in 99.99 percent of people survey no. Unless the animal was hit by a car or some bizarre even like that you will never walking 24/7 365 days a year find a dead cougar let alone a Sasquatch. What happens is that animals of these types know they are going to die and will bury themselves in deep brush etc to avoid scavengers at them.
    Once they do die they then are picked clean usually within days and bones and all material is quickly eaten or scattered. Second of all many areas in North America especially the main areas of Sasquatch sightings have acidic soil that dissolves the bones quickly and they do not fossilize and that is the reason that bones of a sasquatch are not normally found. Even in other areas such as the Florida everglades do to the swamp like soil they quickly would vanish so no matter what animal it is it is very rare to find a dead one of less common and even common animals unless human induced accident. Do to Sasquatch would be much rarer then a cougar even you can see why bones would not be found easily. However there is two skulls in a museum that in all likelihood are sasquatch skulls The natives had a story of red haired giants living in a cave that would go down and get the children or cause trouble they decided they had enough so the natives set the cave in flames and suffocated them.
    Of course this was thought always to be a myth yet investigating the cave they found several giant skulls that are not human or of a larger human like species then humans of today and from the description fully match a Sasquatch and these are still in a safe being kept. This is pure physical proof sitting right in a vault yet nothing is done about it and could possibly prove that at least some unknown man or ape species likely a gigantopithicus blacki existed till modern times and still in all likely hood does. If your interested in this kind of thing you can read my up comming book on my near 5 decades of research on the subject and even the most sceptical will get some eye opening information, I am one of the early researchers I use to converse with everyone from Ivan sanderson to Renee to Gardner to Bernard I am more a researcher of lake monsters and have spent since childhood going to lakes with monster reports investigating them and now I am going to release my findings soon. As well I assure you the USA government would not spend tons of money in the official manuals they use for forest rangers and other types of simmilar jobs warning them of Sasquatch.
    Ask yourself why a government would spend money making books for their field workers warning of animals that do not exist? I personaly know that some upper officals have admited that they do have evidence that they do exist and do not officaly make it known for many reasons. As well the patterson film has been Annalized by experts in every field from science to motion pictures to experts in human locomotion to Zoologists and none after examining it can prove it is a fake and many after much examination have changed the opinion they had on the subject do to they know it is impossible to do what the patterson film creature does if it was a human in a suit. I have been watching horror movies since the sixties and I have watched the patterson film thousands and thousands of times looking for some proof to show it is fake. And none of the best movie makers in the planet have ever come even remotely close to the abilities and looks of this authentic creature coming across the screen.
    I wish it was fake make it easy for me to move on. However the more i watch the more in it’s favor i see As well I interviewed Bob gimmlin and no more of a honest decent person you could find and I fully beleave him what he said he has never changed his story.
    As well how could a man with little money that actualy owed money on the rental camera and was summoned to court over the matter make a higher quality fake monster then any of the greatest movie makers of all times with mass budgets. I know it is shocking but facts are facts and the Sasquatch although may freak people out does exist. I will put in the book as well something very interesting Renee Dahinden who after got the rights to the film told me something that no other researcher and know one knows about this film it will be a shocker to the crypto world stay tuned he was trying to save me I think from being possessed like he was on the subject and confided to me something that gives me a smidgeon of a question. Until then take care.

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