Scott’s Team sights Amundsen’s Tent


On January 18, 1912, Captain Robert Scott arrived at the South Pole hoping to be the first there only to find that the Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen had arrived 35 days earlier. Above from left to right, Scott, Lieutenant Titus Oates, Dr. Edward Wilson and Petty Officer Edgar Evans posed next to the tent left by the Norwegians. One of the key differences between Scott and Amundsen was that Scott’s team undertook the race by foot and Amundsen brought with him 100 sled dogs to ferry him to his destination and back.

Original photograph taken by Lieut. “Birdie” W. R. Bowers, was the last photo of Robert Scott. On their return from the South Pole, Scott and his team (Oates, Wilson, Evans and Bowers himself) perished as a result of exhaustion, hunger, violent storms, and extreme cold. A search party discovered Scott’s last tent with the bodies of five navy man and their equipments (including an important diary and the above photos) on November 12th, 1912. The news of his death arrived back to Britain on February 12th, 1913 when the Times wrote, “One has to go a long way back in the history of British exploring to find any disaster of like magnitude.”

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