Berlin Airlift by Henry Ries, 1948

Dozens of pilots dropped more than 21 tons of candy across Berlin and when the airlift ended, the United States, Britain, and France had flown 278,228 flights altogether to supply isolated West Berlin.

Pope John Paul in Managua, 1983

Pope John Paul II on his first visit to Nicaragua in 1983 rebukes Father Ernesto Cardenal, who was then serving as the Minister of Culture in the country’s Sandinista government.

Coronation of George V, 1911

George V’s coronation in 1911 had several ‘firsts’: the first to use the newly developed processional route through the Mall and Whitehall; the first to be followed by a thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral; the first with the iconic balcony appearance by the king — and most importantly, the first to be photographed from inside the abbey.