From “Never Again” to “Once More” …. We Are There Again in Houla

These are the events and photos too graphic even for those who deal with them daily. The Times will not publish more photos from the massacre; neither will CNN. Iconic Photos will not either (at this particular time), but I will link them here. (WARNING: extremely distressing, gory, and haunting. Viewer discretion advised).

It will need thousands of words to describe, acknowledge, and condemn this atrocity, but pictures being so traumatic, we will have to make do with descriptive words (from The Times):

One photograph shows a cherubic baby girl, no older than 2, with a tiny gold ear-stud. She is wrapped in a white shroud. Half her skull has been hacked or blown away. A saucer of bone juts from a bloody gash in what remains of her head.

Another shows what appears to be a boy of perhaps 6 or 7. The blanket in which he is wrapped has fallen away to expose a bare white shoulder. He looks as if he is sleeping, but the back of his head has been lopped off like the top of a boiled egg. His brain lies on the blanket behind him.

A third shows a pretty young girl staring upwards, her mouth slightly open as if smiling. Above her right eye there is a large, bloody bullet hole surrounded by a mess of flesh and bone.

The pictures go on, some mercifully out of focus, most far too shocking to print in The Times though our failure to do so spares the Assad regime.

There is a baby wearing nothing but a nappy, seemingly untouched except that it lacks an arm. Another young girl wearing a blood-soaked T-shirt with the word “Baby” or “Dolly” written on it has had her jaw shot away. A man carries the body of a child with only half a head remaining.

The photos are from the Damascus-based Shaam News Network, a citizen reporting collective.

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8 thoughts on “From “Never Again” to “Once More” …. We Are There Again in Houla

  1. Those killed were of the same religous minority as Assad (other words they were Assad supporters) and the only sect that usually commits and has religous justifications for such atrocities are the Saudi Arabian state sponsored religon (sect) of Wahabism . a unique and brutal sect based on Sunism (invented in the 18th Cent…. but very far away from Islam….. BTW. Bin Laden was one (Wahabi) and all the 9/11 Terrorists…. such mass murderes (in Syria) are always commited by their mercenaries of North African and Pashtu Afghan origins next to very poor Saudi youths brainwashed to consider everyone except Wahabists as heretics and eligable for death.
    Dont take my word for it, make your own research.

    I am only worried that the western Press does not mention these facts and implies Assad and his militias to have done it… that tells us much about the Press these days !!!!!

    1. The one sided reports on the situation in Syria is amazing. Most of the killings are done by non Syrians and then magnified into a Syrian state commited monstrosity to guide the world public opinion into a new war. I suggest a cautious apporoach towards the general press of today, specially the western one. Photos are a strong tool as long as the title and the descriptions are correct and not merely heresay.

  2. This must be the world’s biggest tragedy since the Nazi murders, a sad reflection of human hopelessness when children are killed, it left me terribly upset.

    1. Not really, this actually happens practically every day around the world.

      And what is just laughable, some people think the atrocities in Syria might eventually make Putin cease to support Assad regime. While Putin did to his own citizens all the things that Assad did and more (but there was somehow no such global outrage at all, in political terms but there was also little media attention despite it taking place in Europe, and it’s now all forgotten already):

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